Settling in to Uni life

Many students are getting ready to start university in September. Often pupils will be going to a university away from home and it may be the first time the person has lived away from the family home. This can be a very exciting but also scary time for many individuals. Getting ready for university is often quite different from getting ready to go to school. You may not have anyone around that is going to be ensuring you get up on time and attend your lectures when you are supposed to. At uni you have a lot of freedom to do what you want to do but should you not... Read More »

The Digital Market – it is More Important then Ever in Education and Work

Understanding the digital world has become a necessity in modern life. It is no longer something that you can really avoid. Whether you are working or you are teaching children about life and various subjects, you can benefit from knowing more about technology and the digital world. If you are looking for a job, it is essential that you have digital skills and can make proper use of a computer and the internet. You will need to use a computer to work on your CV and get this up to date. You will then be able to use the internet to search for jobs and look through job websites. There... Read More »

Some Tips for Managing a Heavy Workload

Many career paths like teaching or education administration are known to have an especially heavy workload. If you are in this sector and are struggling to manage your time and your work, that’s not unusual. Here are some tips to help you manage: Organisation is key. You will know this already of course, but you could always beĀ moreĀ organised. Make sure you have a complete to do list and tick everything off as you do it. If you can fully trust your to do list, this takes a lot of weight off your mind. Ask for help and advice when you need it. Asking for help in no way means you... Read More »

How to Help Yourself to Learn

Learning is something we can continue to do for our whole lives. There are, however, things that we can all do to help us learn more and to make ourselves more open to learning new skills and facts. Here are some ideas to help you keep learning with ease: Read. Don’t just read about your subject, read as much as you can in general. This will help you to remain more open to learning new facts and absorbing new knowledge. Stay interested. You need to be interested in a subject to get as much out of it as you can. Continue to maintain your interest to continue learning about it.... Read More »

Learning Online – Some Key Tools to Use

Learning online opens up many doors for lots of people. It can give you a whole new set of opportunities to enhance your career options and further your job prospects. Learning online can be a whole new experience though, so here are some of the things to remember if you are serious about online success: Save your work regularly. Don’t rely on online platforms alone. Back up what you have done on a regular basis. Do extra work outside of an online course, if you have to. It may not be enough. Make the most of the resources you are given. There will often be various resources you can make... Read More »

Using Online Games to Learn

Both schoolchildren and adults can make excellent use of online games to improve their skills in certain areas. This is now easier than ever, as many different games are available as apps for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. It is a more productive way to spend your time than playing mindless and addictive games that can waste hours of your day! For children, games can help with schoolwork and academic learning. Relevant games can be a great way to help children learn more about a particular subject and discover new things outside of the classroom. It can help them to interact with their subject rather than just learning facts... Read More »

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