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Top Tips For Finding A Reputable Supply Teacher For Your Role

When you work in an industry providing education for children, it is likely you prod yourself on providing the best service, using the best teachers you can find. But sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur where you may need to use supply teachers. Follow our tips to ensure you have a reputable supply teaching Bedford.

1- Look For Recommendations

When working within a school, it is also good to have connections with other schools in the local area. These schools can easily provide you with advice when it comes to supply teachers in Bedford. Sharing their knowledge on different supply teachers, whether they’ve had good or bad experiences. Helping you to be able to find the best option for your school more quickly. Their experience can easily give you firsthand knowledge of candidates’ quality of teaching, reliability, and professionalism.

2- Use Local Supply Teacher Agencies

There are many supply teaching Bedford agencies that are able to provide you with high-quality teaching assistants. These agencies tend to carefully choose staff to work for them. They tend to go through tough interviews and background checks, needing strong references to be able to join the team. This will help you to feel ensured that the teaching assistant you receive from them is of a high standard and will meet your school’s needs. You should always do research on each individual agency as not every agency is as strict.

3- Conduct Thorough Interviews

Before inviting any supply teacher into your school, whether from an agency, on a temporary contract, or in a full-time working position, you ideally want to conduct your own thorough interview. This will help you to gauge exactly what they are like as a person and whether or not they will truly bring what you desire to your school. During the interview you should look at their ability to communicate, their skills and qualifications, as well as how they can handle different scenarios. Do not hesitate to ask if they would be willing to take a class within your school for you to evaluate their teaching style and how students react to them.

4- Background, Qualifications, and Reference Checks

Finally, to ensure you are providing the children in your school with the best supply teachers possible, you want to complete in-depth checks. Background checks can help you to see the kind of person they are, allowing you to check they are suitable to work with children, to begin with. Checking qualifications helps you to know what kind of education they have if they have any additional teaching qualifications which will be beneficial for your school and children. Finally, reference checks help you to gain insight into a person through previous employers on what they were like as an employee.

Following our tips can easily help you to find a reputable supply teacher for your Bedfordshire school. Looking at recommendations, using agencies, conducting thorough interviews, and completing background, qualification and reference checks all help to allow you to give the best supply teacher for your school. Providing children in your care with the best education possible. Employing a full-time flexible supply teacher who you know is reputable is the best option to save stress if teachers in your school need to be off short notice.

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