Should you go part-time?

Many people struggle with a full-time role. Responsibilities, childcare, illnesses etc. Whereas others may just be struggling to find a full-time role. A part-time position means that you can be provided with some security and boost your confidence as you try to make your way in a crowded job market. It can be particularly useful for students and new parents looking to make a good start but who still need a level of flexibility to balance family needs and academic commitments. If you’re thinking of making a permanent switch to part-time work, you need to carefully consider your circumstances to make sure you can sustain it. Are you willing to... Read More »

Why People Start To Look For A New Job

So you’ve been doing your job role for a couple of years and feel like you can do your duties – and do them well – while standing on your head with one eye closed then you’ll quickly start to resent your job and the company you work for. First, speak with your boss and show an interest in taking on more responsibility. You need a challenge, if you’re not being challenged then you will be bored. If that doesn’t work then it may be time to take your experience elsewhere. Finding a new job doesn’t have to be because of anything negative and it also doesn’t mean that you’re... Read More »

Teaching Jobs Overseas

Teaching jobs abroad are a great way to develop your professional career in education and experience new cultures. Build your CV and teach overseas in modern schools and with motivated pupils. Best of all, you don’t even need to learn a second language. Many teaching jobs abroad are always on the lookout for teachers recruited to specifically teach English as a first or second language. Many teaching jobs abroad offer a great package to candidates; the saving potential is huge without having to give up your social life. Ensure you read up on each offer individually, however, broadly speaking expect to be offered free or subsidised housing, travel allowance, round-trip... Read More »

Informative and Enlightening Details about Teaching Jobs

Female teacher teaching her students in a classroom
Teaching is one of the most popular professions in Wilmslow. This is primarily attributed to the high number of schools in this area where qualified teachers are able to get jobs easily. This popularity is also attributed to the fact that teaching is not a very demanding profession but at the same time it is well rewarding. The people who are trained as teachers use different methods to get teaching jobs Wilmslow. Some of the methods include the conventional methods of applying for jobs in the different schools hoping there is a suitable opening. However, the most convenient method is through the different employment agencies which have lists of the... Read More »

Why You Should Say Yes To In-Job Training

Continuing with your training in your chosen profession is important, especially if you want to progress. This can be done through a variety of ways, you can learn how to use a lot of the software, such as excel, better than you could before. For this, you can actually get certificates of your understanding, which will benefit you no matter what job you have now or in the future. Other examples of things you can do is to enter a management course. This will help your job prospects if you don’t already have a management position, and it can be useful for those already performing that role. There are numerous... Read More »

Starting To Recruit

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Recruitment consultants draw in candidates by drafting advertising copy for distribution on a wide range of media. They will also spend time networking and often many will head hunt employees working for other companies that they feel would be suitable for a role that they have been asked to try and fill. Consultants can also offer advice to clients and candidates on salary ranges, training requirements and career opportunities. There is no fixed route in to becoming a recruitment consultant. If you are academic, friendly and outgoing then it may be the job for you. Most training is given on the job as each recruitment company has their own way... Read More »

Other Posts

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